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Fuck School, I’m Getting Me Some Monies

Dropping out of school for a job.

     High school is not for everybody. Sure, some people need the education to go on to college and then get their dream goal, but not everybody needs that education. Why go to school and pay all of that money for an education that may never be needed in the future? Dropping out of high school before graduating to take a job is a good idea 

      For many, money is an item people do not have a lot of. Not only is it hard to come by for many people, money is also difficult to make a living without. Making money is more important than getting a good education. Due to the inflation and high taxes in the country today, more and more people are not able to afford to finish their education. Even if the student’s parents are paying for the education, the student might find it more beneficial to their family if he or she dropped out and got a job. If later in life, the drop-out student has the time and money to go back to school to finish his or her education, he or she can.

      There will always be chances to get an education, but jobs are harder to come by these days. If the student is offered a good job, especially in the area one wishes to work in, then why not take the job? If that person has all the knowledge needed to perform that job well, one will not have a need to finish his or her education. The reason to get an education, for many, is to prepare that person for his or her job in the future. It will save a lot of time and money if one is hired earlier in his or her education. If the employer thinks the student is educated enough to hire him or her and the student should drop out of school to work. If that job is the students goal in life to one day work in work in, why waste more time and money on a better education if one is able to be employed right away? It would be a bad idea to deny a job offering and wait until ones education is finished only to find out the position he or she had the option to take is filled.

      In conclusion, if a student has the option to get a job before finishing his or her education, it would be a good idea to take the job and drop out. Jobs hiring is not as easy to come by as schools accepting students. If one wants to enter a school, he or she just has to pay money, but it is not the same for a job. If one has the option to be hired, he or she should not hesitate to take it. You only live once, if an opportunity arises that benefits you, do not let it pass.

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