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How J.k. Rowling Wrote a New Book Under a New Name Then Got Found Out?

Here is a fascinating story of one of the U.K.s most famous writers! She couldn’t hide for long!

WE all for a long time, when the Harry Potter novels

came out didn’t know who the writer of the novels, J.K. Rowling  was. Was J.K. a guy

or woman

before we ended up knowing that it was a she who lived in her car

Here is a picture of J.K. Rowling in case you never saw her before

She was living in her car when she cake up with the idea for the Harry Potter books while she was spending her time daydreaming in her car.

A Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A computer specialist, Patrick Juola has been working on a program for the past 10 years that helps tell who wrote a book if they go under a fake name. In a half hour Juola and a linguist from the U.K..  and a journalist form The Sunday Times of London

figured out that J.K.Rowland wrote the book that took England by storm called “The Cuckoos Calling” by Robert Galbrailth which was published this past spring

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J.K. Rowland was confronted to know if she is the writer and she made the confession

Jolua is quoted as saying, “She writes a good book even if it isn’t about wizards.”

She got away from Children’s Literature when she wrote The Casual Vacanacy which was her first adult novel, though I my aunt read it in her 60s.

Sunday Times Columnist got a tweet from a person

who preferred to remain anonymous

The tweet said that someone  gave a tip that the hot new British

Book writer

named Robert Galbraith is really J.K. Rowland

So he and another linguist  along with The Sunday Times of London sent Joula sent him The new Rowling book, plus three others and her adult book she wrote last year and asked him who wrote these books.

Juola uses a computer program that uses something called Stylometrywhich looks for an individual style of writing such as phrases a person might frequently use.and words tgat are commonly used throughout a number of books who are written by the same book.

Joula said “The question was, I could make a guess about who could have written these things. Totalling up all the individual choices we make  the computer  can say it’s most similar to the person and most different from this person.

The computer repeatedly say that “Cuckoo’s Calling” matched Rowling’s adult book ‘Casualty Vacancy”

So, folks, the secret is out!

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