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How to Plagiarize and Get Away with It

If you have to write an essay or research paper for a class, and don’t have the time, there are certain ways that you can plagiarize a whole paper and get away with it.

Any information you get from another source, words, ideas, or images that you have put into your paper without citing that source is considered plagiarism.

The more difficult of the idea you use, the more likely you are to get caught. So, If you are not supposed to be researching a topic, just paraphrase. Figure it out for yourself. If you are allowed to research it, than do so and cite it properly in your paper

Opinions, common knowledge, and anything you created without assistance from any source doesn’t need to be cited. This should be easy to add in to a paper and get away with it, but its a good idea to always source the information that you get

It does not matter if you quote something all the time necessarily. Ideas, like symbolism in a book that you read on can be easily paraphrased to change the authorship of the ideas. This are relatively easy symbols to figure out. Where kids get caught is when they pick something harder and, something more specific.
Simple Plagiarizing Tips-

  • change words that can be changed easily
  • rearrange the order of sentences within paragraphs
  • rearrange the order of paragraphs
  • rearrange the order of words in sentences
  • cut unnecessary information

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