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Ideal Student

Ideal Student.

 We cannot easily find a student perfect in all respect in all respects. Rather it is difficult to meet a person ideally good in any field of life. Who can say he has seen a perfect engineer or doctor or teacher or machine? What we can at best do is to approach (get close to) perfection as students or workers in any field.
 The ideal student is, first of all, truly religious. He obeys God and tries to follow his direction in every possible way. He is not only outwardly religious, but inwardly pure.
 Secondly, the ideal student realizes his duties toward his family and other in society. He respects his elder and treats the young with love. He never misbehave at home and does what his parents ask him to do. Outside the home, he co-operates with his neighbours and even strangers and tries to help them when they are in trouble.
 Thirdly, the ideal student tries to be good at studies and games at the same time. He listens to his lectures in college attentively and reads his books at home dutifully. In the afternoon, he tries to play a game of his choice devotedly (with loving attention). The ideal girl student listens to the lectures of her teacher most attentively. She studies her subjects with the greatest effort. She does her household work like cooking and sewing in the best ways. She also tries to pay a game of her choice.
 Fourthly, the ideal student never tells lies. He speak the truth  whether it is favourable to him or not. Perhaps speaking the truth is one of his greatest qualities.
The ideal student loves his country dearly and is prepared to sacrifice his all for her. Rather he is ready to give hi life should the nation demand so. He is a true patriot. As far as possible, we should be like the ideal student. We should set examples of fine behaviour and action to be fallowed by others.

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