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Importance of School

A quick explanation of why school is so important, and why school isn’t as boring as some say.

            Some people would like to say that school is boring. However, many people would disagree and offer counter arguments. People who say that school is boring offer explanations that are actually quite invalid; for example, one person might say that school is a waste of time, while there is truly nothing better to do during the day. An education is something that is invaluable because one cannot place a value on something that lasts a lifetime. An education allows for the development of the brain, maturing a young adult into an able, dependent adult. School provides a place to learn, a place to be, and a place to experience real world situations.

            School is a place that allows a practically free education, something that other nations dream about having. Insisting that school is boring is just not a logical thing to imply. Education is a tool that so many people lack, and those people end up regretting not having an education. School provides a place to acquire an education, as well as a place to push yourself to see your full potential. School also is a place where hard work pays off, and it is evident in grades. Learning can be entertaining, if the right mindset is applied.

            During the day, there is hardly any activity that is available to teenagers that a large amount of people would be at. Since most teenagers will be at school during the day, the most exciting place to go to see all your friends and buddies would be at school. Although sitting through a lecture for a whole class period may not be the best place to socialize, everyone else is at school, so going anywhere else to have fun would be a wasted effort. School provides a safe learning environment for everyone, and all the people there make it exciting. While some people may say that there are better things to do, the ethic principle of the matter is at least kids are not on the streets.

            A school building and its environment allow students to understand a majority of important parts of the outside world. For example, students learn the value of work ethic and responsibility. It would be depressing for many people if they had not experienced certain experiences in school, and instead had to endure them on their own in the real world. Some of the experiences that people go through in school change their lives forever. Many people are quite fond of their experiences in school and cherish them for the rest of their lives.

            School is viewed by some people as nothing more than a day care for older kids, holding captive millions of kids each day. However, these claims are absurd and ridiculous, as well as unfounded. School provides an excellent environment for many children and teenagers to become educated and well informed. School also holds a meeting place for young adults, allowing them to converse and spread ideas quickly. Also, school provides most people with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that they otherwise would have never had. School is anything but boring, and this fact is obvious in the quick observation of school.

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