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Latest Technology in Classrooms: How Classrooms are Changing

Here, I tried to discuss all the advantages today’s students are enjoying from latest technologies & the changes brought by technologies in classrooms.

People, who have completed their student life a decade ago, now find in incredible the changes bought by technologies in the classrooms. But still there are lots of teachers who have already realized that they are not doing different things but doing the same things in a different ways.

Using LCD projector by making a connection via necessary cables has become a common fact that was a few decades ago were unbelievable. Those teachers use LCD projector connected with computers can present the same things in an attractive & interesting way. It actually saves time, energy & money. Previously, teachers have to write the same things again & again sometimes this may make a teacher get bored. Now, teachers prefer to prepare a slide in power point for presentation. To prepare a slide in power point they need to type only once which they can use for the rest of their life. If they want or need, they can add, delete or change something without changing the whole slid. All of these save their time & efforts which they can spend in another research related activities.

Previously, teachers write on the board & the students have to take a note so they don’t get enough time to take a proper not or if they decide to take a full note of the class they could not concentrate on their studies. Now teachers give a copy to everyone that means they can concentrate on the teachers’ lecture along with getting the full note on the lecture.

Now to make their lecture attractive most of the teachers use video on the LCD projector with the help of computers. Besides if you see a video, you can keep in mind more than if you listen. In the past, if you were talking about this all of your friends might think that you were gone crazy.

Now students don’t have to bring book with their class rooms. Some teachers recommend them to purchase a book from online to get a hard copy. So they don’t have to bring their book, all they do is to bring their laptop. Physical books have more chances of getting worn than virtual books.

Many teachers now love to use the online program IXL to help their students for their work such as math. Anyone can use IXL to select some specified math for his/her students. one any teacher use this IXL, there is no doubt that they would say that textbooks are becoming worthless since this system lets pupils to do their job by meeting the standard of their state at the instructional level.

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