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Learn Better and Faster with Web Based Classrooms

Initiative of Epitome Solutions to revolutionize the world of online education is an example of dedication and expertise. With the successful launch of ES Classroom, India’s first virtual classroom solution on HTML5, the entire education sector will be benefitted. India faces a very common issue of low internet speed, due to the servers being located in the United States.

With the advent of technology the world has come closer. Information which was exclusive to certain people has stopped being so. The internet armed with tons of search engines has seen to that. The idea of web based classroom has thus emerged as another way for the conveyance of information.

What it is all about?

The technique of a web based classroom is an extremely simple one where the user downloads software to avail the technology. They can get it from any company website like epitome solutions or subscribe with a company who in turn hosts the events that are to be conducted. The technology allows one to send text, audio, video materials as well as record the live feed and provide them as streaming videos later on whenever asked.

How helpful it is?

1.      All e-learning programmes are beneficial to both the student and the educator. It allows them to study or teach at their respective pace in an environment they feel comfortable in.

2.      Students feel free to ask questions and deal with queries and newbie teachers gains confidence.

3.      Knowledge is a gift, and people who are fortunate enough to have acquired it must share it with those who are less talented and bright than themselves.

4.      This process of sharing or giving out knowledge becomes possible with a web based classroom. With the help of this a much larger audience can be reached out to in an extremely easy way without usurping a lot of money and time.

Its role in life of students

Many students dream of attending famous schools and sitting in lectures of renowned professors from the world over. Often these goals fall short of coming true either because of the lack of financial stabilities or the lack of credits. In a happy coincidence a web based classroom make a part of the dream come true, the part where the students can listen to the lectures of the brightest minds in the education system. This way, teachers will have only those really interested in the lecture to teach and the student gets to pick and choose any teacher they want; a win-win situation for all.

The companies like epitome solutions who provide the required software allows the users to add as many members they want and use the software as extensively as their work demands. This web based classroom is an amazing new path breaking technology in the field of informatics, anyone who denies it or avoids it can live their lives in the bliss of ignorance.

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