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Learn English

Learn English.

  Learning English has become a must nowadays because of its importance in our daily life. As a matter of fact, it is a lifelong process and and it needs from the learner to be motivated to learn English. On top of that, learning English must be considered as something funny and delicious. That is to say, one must enjoy learning English everyday as if you were drinking a sweet juice. If you don’t enjoy learning English, all your efforts will come to naught.

There are so many roads to follow to learn English:

First of all:

1)    You must fall in love with English and be motivated about it as a Second Language (ESL)

2)    You must enjoy learning English as well as eating a chocolate.

3)    You must know your goals behind learning English.


       Learning English should be started with knowing the alphabet because any word in English is comprised of vowels and consonants. By this way, you should learn the pronunciation of each letter per se. When you utter a sentence in English, You produce chained words which contain subject pronouns, verbs, objects…etc. These units are joined together, respecting certain grammar rules, to form a coherent and understandable phrase. There are many sources on which you can rely to learn pronunciation like Youtube. You can find tons of videos teaching you how to pronounce and how to communicate with people.

Now with ICT (information and Communication Technology), you can teach yourself by yourself. You don’t need a teacher to learn English. Anyone today can be an autonomous learner of English thanks to the Internet. All you should do is make a research in Google or Youtube. You can find online exercise and lessons accompanied with flashcards and audio plus videos. One of the best sources on which you can depend to learn English is facebook. There is a facebook page which I have came across:

facebook dot com/LearnEnglishAndBeYourself


Like that page and enjoy learning English.

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