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Learning AND Change

The study addresses how technology enhances learning and increase dynamism in developing countries. This paper looks at how the medical and media industries in Nigeria utilize technology for learning and change. The study shows that there increase in technology has lead to an increase in learning as skills are required to function new technologies. The study found that across the different sectors of medicine and media, non formal learning and in house trainings have been dominant mastering new technologies. However, the study also raises important issues about the extent to which Nigeria is technologically fit. Therefore, improved learning and change for different sectors in the country.

Media convergence in developing countries especially in Nigeria

 Media convergence has seen mass communication outlets coming together for one goal. Printing, telecast, radios, internet, along with the rest of the technologies have come together to tell stories and pass information including entertainment. Currently, customers can now select how, when where they want to access particular information. Seven types of convergence include    (AEONPLUS, 2011) notes that Corporate Convergence (as in joint ventures) between telecom and media companies

2.      The branching out of a traditional print operation into internet publishing or audio/video mobile;

3.      Reverse publishing from web to print;

4.     Production processes, where content is co-ordinated or shared;

5.      The convergence of skills set of previously segregated specialist media practitioner – whether reporter, news editor, or production personnel;

6.     Convergence of media consumer devices: e.g. the camera-cell phone or computers being used to watch video broadcasts; and

7.      The coming together of producer and consumer functions – the audience generating media (content).”

The second branch Is the Organizational learning where by individuals in an organization bring together their potential power of what they know in order to come up with a new way of doing things in that particular organization. This helps knowledge to grow in an organization. An organization that is in an continuous process of learning increases its potential of collaboration not only within itself but also is connected to other relevant organizations outside and favorable people that help it in planting its roots even deeper into the society .

Learning should give the students opportunity to create, solve problems on their own, develop reasoning ability, improve how they communicate, critical and creative skills.(KELLY, 2008) Continues to argue that learning is not only needed for winning circumstances but also we need it to survive. While in a business setup, you will meet different people with different lifestyles and preferences, the environment is bound to change and no one is an exception to competition as new ideas enter the market and also new technologies arise and are experienced. To survive this, learning and research cannot be escaped.

Why would human beings need change anyway? According to the hierarchy of needs, human beings are ever in a state of want. After one achieves something, he gets into another project that is higher than the previous one. Human beings always want to be better than what they were yesterday and that is why those people who succeed more are the self motivated because they love to read and research. As they read they learn more and therefore they are motivated. They their jobs or what they do. When someone loves his job, it means that the output will be in a big quantity, exciting and that person will find it easy to do certain things that he has learnt about. Things appear easy to handle because of the exposure that one gets when he is learning about something in a particular field. Kelly proves that when one learns he gets adverse knowledge in particular field. This knowledge helps an individual to render better services than before and as we saw above, one is able to stand new challenges of change in customers, technology, competitions and many more.

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