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Livemocha Free Online English Course

Learning English online is the way to elaborate and exploring knowledge.

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Two months ago, I followed the Language course program online at one of the free website. I took an English Major. As an Indonesian, it seemed to me that I needed it very much.

There I learnt about speaking, reading, writing and listening. Not only having some English lesson but some friend around the world could be automatically got as partners for practicing. It was all fun and joyful to follow it.

The website provided the members with better facilities such as room-chat service, audio listening , and exploring writing through the original culture.

The first Impression I got as I was practicing writing, a girl from abroad correct my sentences error. Then I realized how poor my English was at that time. I learnt it harder and harder, hoping someday I would be the tutor for other people.

Learning English online was very comfortable and modern.

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