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Lucky, Men Humorous More Likes

The women are still assessing the importance of men having a humorous nature and able to make her laugh. This trait could at least make her fall cibta to the man.

The poll, conduHeadlinected Lovestruck finding of fact, 28% of women choose mengkencani man who could make them laugh even though he is not very interesting.

As reported darifemalefirst, even as much as 36% of women claimed to be willing to leave the first date if he was not interesting enough or able to make them laugh.

While as many as 25% said if a man tells a good joke it will help them to get a second date opportunities.

John Bishop is the eye candy of the comedy world, with 48% of women menaksirnya.

Other comedians like James Corden has said, “My weight was never a concern for me. I could always talk to them and make them laugh, so they tended to overlook my physical imperfections.”

In 2009, the study revealed that women believe men are smarter than that funny has no sense of humor.

While the 2013 study conducted by Stanford University found that women’s brains are programmed to respond better to humor than men.

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