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My Field Study Experience

Field Study is a program that was created to have ground for making a good mentors in Education wherein we will experience true pre-teaching experience.

           Being a student taking an Education Course, Field Study is not a shock.

Field Study  will help the pre-service students or the PSTs to cooperate with their co-PSTs, with the assistance of the cooperating teacher. The PSTs will work closely with the CT or cooperating teacher. In this course, PSTs are encouraged to teach the lesson to their students effectively.


FS  focuses on exploring the curriculum and class program of the teacher and students for effective implementation of the curriculum. This is more on team teaching and the effective use of the instructional materials in the class. FS  will help the PSts to apply their knowledge regarding the topic they are going to discuss in the class.


This course will further enrich the students’ experiences in preparing teaching aids for classroom use such as visual aids or any instructional technologies suited on the lesson and learning objectives

             On my first day for field study, I felt a little bit nervous .  Mrs. Cadunan, my cooperating teacher told me as well as my PSTs to just observe first the class because it was the first meeting. Observing the first year students, is very tiresome. I learned that student needs encouragement for them to express their ideas or opinions regarding the topic of the day being discussed. They should not be insulted when they committed mistakes instead, they should be corrected in a good way that they wouldn’t feel discouraged and embarrassed. I was surprised also because students were very respectful and treated me nicely.



The second day for my field study, my cooperating teacher discussed conjunctions and its kinds namely the coordinating and correlative conjunctions to discuss the same topic to other section she also handled. It was full of pressure because it was given on same day when I will do the task. I rush to the school library to make visual aid of my topic.


This task is all about DEMO TEACHING. Demonstration is very helpful to me. It helps me to prepare myself as to become a future teacher someday. It gives me a lot of experiences and opportunities to explore and to know what teaching is really all about.


The third day of my field study was another opportunity for me to learn again in line with teaching. Through demonstration I was able to discover what classroom programs are and what are its important role especially in the part of the teacher and its effect to the students.  

            On the fourth day of my FS , the topic I demonstrated was Imagery and its basic kinds namely the Visual Imagery, Auditory Imagery and Kinesthetic Imagery. Fortunately, the students participated in my discussion. After I discussed the topic, they the students asked question and clarification about the topic.  These were indicators that they had pay attention to me . In teaching, the teacher needs to be patient enough to his/her students because students have different attitudes and behaviors. What you are expecting to them might not happen to all your students. This day was another opportunity for me to demonstrate well the lesson. My demonstration this day was a successful one because I had able to do my part and I made them understood the lesson.






            The fifth day on field study was my last day in the school. I am happy because on my last day I will be doing my last demo teaching activity. This demonstration is the most crucial to my part because the school head and two other teachers observe. Am very prepared and my students students were very participative I had the time to understand the topic and study on how to deliver the topic to them because this was given to me ahead of time.


Yes this is the last day however; I was also because this would be the last day of my school exploration.


This experience as a student of education is truly necessary for me to enhance my ability to mobilize someday my future teaching strategies.



Liked it
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