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Penn State People Suing NCAA Over Their Punishment

Here is the story of how this group of people is suing the NCAA because they don’t believe the punsihment they got is fair.

Are you aware they call Penn State’s main campus in State College, Pennsylvania is called Happy Valley? Well, all I have to say is that all is not happy in Happy Valley.

The problem is that Terry Engelder along three of his coworkers., and  with the family of former and deceased coach Joe Paterno’s family and 10 others decided they are they are suing the NCAA  asking them to take away the  punishment in form of sanctions away from the school. Professor Engelder says that when the NCAA gave out a punishment to Penn State it makes him and the other professors look bad.

Professor Engelder says it makes him and his colleagues look bad because of the fact that said NCAA  said last July that “reverence for Penn State football permeated every level” meaning the whole college let Jerry Sandusky do his child sexual abuse to 10 boys and turned their eyes because it was the beloved football teams former coach.

Engelder said, “It is that statement –that has entire university has allowed this culture to exist, in a sense – that slanders me as a faculty member. That simply can’t be allowed”

Wick Sollers who is the Paterno family lawyer went on NBC Sports Network and gave the Paterno family complaints such as they think the NCAA didn’t take enough time to really get to the facts, the reasoning behind their reasoning is not good enough and it takes away all the good that Paterno did over his career before he died in January 2012.

The penalties are tough. They say that Penn State cannot play in any post season games that could get them a win of best in the country in football, there is a huge fine of 60 million dollars and they want to take away games under Paterno that they won which would be 111 during the years 1996-2011.

This group went to Centre County Common Pleas Court and filed a 40 page complaint. They name the plaintiffs as the Paterno Family, faculty members, five University Trustees, nine former football players and two former coaches. It charges the NCAA that they didn’t keep up their part of the contract with the NCAA, conspiracy, defamation and disparagement. They are also asking for an unnamed amount of punitive and compensatory damages.

Anthony Lubrano plaintiff and a trustee of the school said, “It’s more of a Penn State community lawsuit” He believes it is unfair that President Rodney Ericksons agreed with the sanctions when a lot of the 32 board members didn’t even have a chance to know what they are.

Paterno spokesman Dan McGinn said if they made any money on this lawsuit then it all goes to charity

Source Pittsburgh Tribune Review

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