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Personal and Professional Growth

The role of learning has been very important in both, my personal and professional growth and development.

       College education will prepare one with the understanding to be able to deal in today’s problems, obstacles, and jobs. With the knowledge at the college level one will have more potential to find a better job and with a higher salary. Even though some people think college education is not essential; businesses, organizations, companies, and professionals in today’s world demand it for the competitiveness and problems in today’s economy. This paper discusses the past, present, and future of my personal and professional growth and reflects upon my personal and professional growth during my study at the University of Phoenix.

      The role of learning has been very important in both, my personal and professional growth and development. A person with college education and gained analyzing skills and deep knowledge field of studies, not only the person will be qualified and prepared for the job advertised from that company; but will also have potential to excel faster and have high salaries. College education is a very important central in everyday life. It plants the fundamentals for confronting problems and obstacles found in part of life, and being able to solve them with ease and accuracy. It gives a wide opportunity and potential in apply for higher profile jobs with good pay and opportunities for carrier development. It gives a person confidence in understanding life and the environment. A person with a college education will be successful in life because he/she understands it and knows it.

      My level of professional competence in my opinion was average in some areas but below average in many others. One area that I always feel strong is problem solving; clarifying description of the problem, analyzing causes, identifying alternatives, assessing each alternative, choosing one, implementing it, and evaluating whether the problem was solved or not. Written and oral communication has been a challenge; a personal and professional area of weakness in the past for me was writing. I feel it takes me too much time to put a paper together. I really enjoy writing, but when I have a structured outline to follow. Because of this, I was trying to avoid long writing in my workplace, and when I had to write a memo, or a proposal together it took me an enormous amount of time and thinking. I was feeling that what I had in writing does not make sense. I am committed to to apply more effort in this area what I consider a very important skill to have in my carrier. Another area is my vocabulary. Using the correct words and learn more words always has been a challenge. I feel that increasing my vocabulary will help me to grow and advance in my carrier and in my personal life as well. As a manager, a well use of words verbally and in writing is an important part of my day to day. I had many carrier goals but I know that I had to take one at the time. A goal that I had prior to the program was to earn the operations manager position within my workplace and develop the necessary skills and obtain the necessary knowledge to succeed in a position of that level.

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