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Poverty: Not a Hindrance to Success

A true story showing how poverty is not an obstacle to success.

What makes one stand out from others?  Why does he or she get the most attention from people? Is it because of charisma or of something beyond our eyes can see? I believe that the reason for one’s  popularity is not just charisma, it is character.  If you are sincere with what you do and say and if you do things out of love for others, then you’ll be loved by others, too.  Sincerity, integrity and love for others  are important virtues that make up a good character.  A good character is equated with a pleasing personality that whoever possesses it attracts people like a magnet.  

These virtues are evident in this multi-awarded mentor, Dr. Onofre Pagsanjan, a high school English teacher of the Ateneo de Manila University. No wonder why he is well loved  by his students. 

Whenever his students talk to him about life, he is all ears listening.  He gives his undivided attention.  That’s basically the reason why he stops writing scripts, so as to devote much of his time to students who come to him for  whatever reasons.  His good rapport with students makes him popular in campus.  Don’t you know that Dr. Pagsi as what his students call him is well loved and well remembered for his insights?  Try surfing his name in the net and you’ll discover that a lot of articles were written about him by his former students. And many of them  speak positively about him.    

Once, I happened to observe him teaching about the principal parts of verbs to his first year honour class. I saw his great passion for teaching, that he was able to transform a boring lesson into something very exciting.  That time, he might be in his late 70s, yet he was very dynamic- his energy level was so high that no one in the classroom snored during the one hour period.  

 With all these good traits of Dr. Pagsi, he is truly deserving to be a recipient of the Hall of Fame Outstanding Teacher Award given by  Metrobank.    Recently, he received an Outstanding artist award in literature given by Malacañang.

Aside from being a teacher, he is also the founder of Dulaang Sibol, which hones students’ talents in stage acting.  He is also the mostly sought after inspirational speaker often invited  by  schools and business establishments to deliver inspirational talks. 

Who will not admire Dr. Pagsi for all his achievements?  How he achieved all is beyond imaginable?  Dr. Pagsi, few may know, was born to a poor family. They did not even have their private lavatory that he needed to go to a quite distant public lavatory to attend to his personal needs. However, with diligence and hard work, he was able to finish college despite their poverty.

Poverty, therefore, is not a hindrance to make your dream come true and to make you a  successful person worthy of people’s admiration

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