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Pregnant Woman Passes Driving Test While in Labour

A pregnant woman has shocked the world by sitting for her driving test during labour, passing it, then driving herself to the hospital to give birth.

                              Pregnant Woman Passes Driving Test While In Labour

A pregnant woman astonished the world recently when she sat her driving test while she was in labour.

Emma French, a 20-year-old learner driver from Livingston, Scotland had her waters broken at 4am – 4 hours before she was to take her driving test but persevered through it.

Emma French hid the fact that she was in labour from her examiner and even though she went through four contractions while behind the wheel, she was so determined to pass her driving test that she did not inform her examiner about it.

 “I didn’t dare tell the examiner in case he made me cancel the test” Emma French said

Ms French eventually passed her test with only 10 minor faults, after which she drove to her grandparents’ house to inform them of the good news before driving once again all by herself to the hospital where she gave birth to her first child.

Emma French reportedly refused a lift to the hospital from family and friends. She wanted to get there all by herself.

“Everyone was telling me to go to the hospital, but I had waited so long for my driving test I was determined to do it.” Emma French said

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