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Preparing Preservice Teacher in a Diverse World

Education is a lifelong process. Teachers are the angels to become literate people.

Preparing teachers in the real diverse world of teaching helps teacher become more aware of the cultural differences.  Teacher needs to understand cultural differences of every student.  This is the great challenge of the teacher to understand to meet the needs of the students in multi-cultural differences and must treat the students equally.  For the pre-service teachers, one thing to look up is the need to be socio- culturally conscious with various cultures.  White Teachers fully understand their own culture and imperative to extend relating with other cultures.  The teachers must compare their cultures so others will become adjusted into it.  

The Beyond Awareness Project was a five-year program helping pre-service teachers aware on the cultural differences for the development of ‘’habit of mind’’   was successfully proved in the course of their research. The study was using ethnographic research which the process included learning about ethnography, conducting participation observation, making descriptive observations, analyzing the data and writing a report.

The pre-ethnography activities were conducted and thus made teachers aware with other culture. With this, it also increased pre-service teachers confidence in the ethnic tools. The teachers were the observers and gathered information by note taking.  The participants were  the enrolees in an elementary education program. There were 28 pre-service teachers; 26 are females (out of 25 were of European American background) and 2 males.

The data is gathered by using ethnographically informed approach.  The data collection on the first year was at a pilot and has collected multiple sources of information on the second year like: neighbourhood observations, reflections of a school bus ride, observations of school sites, observational field notes, interviews of 6 preservice teacher during the project, student papers describing ways to address cultural issues in the classroom and final ethnographic papers.

After the result of the study, the success of the pre-service teachers view that examining one’s culture is a pre-requisite for understanding cultural differences.  Thus, to corporate with understanding values and culture, the new ways of thinking is  highly consider and  can best applicable for future teaching practices. 

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