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Primitive Education

Information about primitive education.

Vital for its own stability and survival of a society, community or nation education has always been a social process to transmit to the emergent generation aspects of its culture.

Even when the concept of the development of the individual as an reasonable, intelligent human being trained to contribute to the progress of his group, is accepted, a certain degree of acceptance of common ideas and ideals must also be.

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To ensuring the survival of the clan, group, or tribe has always been directed education among primitive peoples, by means of training the young in skills and arts necessary to maintain life and in the customs, beliefs, and traditions of the community.

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Up to the age of puberty, education for these ends was acquired informally through play which imitated the activities of the elders, fighting, fishing, and hunting among boys, and domestic arts and skills among girls. This stage was followed by more formal training in adult occupations and in the arts of everyday life, but still by apprenticeship or imitation.

Regular ceremonial rites for the initiation of boys to manhood and girls to womanhood were performed during the age of puberty. The initiates were isolated from the community and from the opposite sex. The rites included abstinence from certain foods, among some groups they were accompanied by brutal ordeals intended to train the initiates in endurance of pain and privation, and to eliminate the unfit. In conclusion the whole of education was aimed to secure loyal adherence to the group traditions to which the individual was subordinated.

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