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Re-calling an Interesting Trip – Little Things

Everybody gets homework to do.
I thought why not start the first article with a homework? :)

Our trip to…. The memories have blurred through the passage of time but there were special moments which will always bloom like beautiful, colorful flowers whenever I think of the trip.

It was dawn, the prayers were said and the smell of the ‘ghee’ dish filled the house, each member of the family had their plates laid to partake the delicious dish mommy had created, when I dragged my chair near daddy’s with a screeching sound and whispered “Weren’t e going for Pakistan tour?”

Dad kissed me on the forehead and answered “The piggy bank cannot afford to take us to the tour, How about a beach tour?” .As soon as the head of the family announced this. Mommy packed the created dish, hired a horse cart and soon we were experiencing the galloping combined with the sweet smell of nature and the dew. It made this one hour long journey seem to end in a fraction of seconds.

The beach now illustrated unity and family harmony. Each drop of water united to make the sea just as each family member struggled to bring happiness to us. As Grand pa and Grand ma walked on the beach hand in hand, mommy served food and Daddy defined the rules and regulations.

We had laughed with all the colors, we played but no one lost, we ate nothing lavish but yet it was delicious! The trip was made interesting because we were together, It was precious because we knew how to seek happiness in little things. It was not a ride into a limo but in a horse cart. Our destination wasn’t Vegas but a beach. Yet it was memorable!

Liked it
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