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Reaching Perfection

My Senior class trip to NYC.

There was a silence among the students as the chaperone called out names to make sure that everyone was accounted for. As soon as the last name was called, everyone scurried from their seats in the lounge area and ran to the elevator. It took multiple trips in order to carry every person to the 6th floor of the hotel. As soon as those golden doors opened, there was a stampede of high school seniors running down the hall. I was one of them.
One of those carefree and happy teenagers, with no bigger worry than who my roommate was for the trip.
It was the Senior Class trip and we were at New York City. How could it be any better?
I kept my eyes firmly locked upon the door that was to be the gateway to my new room for the next few days.
I ran straight into him, not knowing who it was. Starting to apologize, I looked up and was instantly speechless. Luke gave me that sly little grin of his, turning up one corner of his mouth as his eyes continued to gaze into mine.
With each second passing, I could feel my breathing getting deeper and heavier.
With each second passing, I saw the glimmer in his eye.
With each passing second, his smile became more pronounced.
With each passing second, I saw the face I dreamed about each night.
“Sorry,” Luke whispered, as he steadied my balance. Winking, he walked on past.
I stood in that hallway for a second, once again struck dumb by this tiny encounter. Completely forgetting the mission I had been so intent on not even two seconds before.
Another few seconds passed before I realized that the entire hallway was deserted around me. I turned and continued upon my way, this time at a slow walk.
Every time. Every time that I saw him, I completely shut down, not even making coherent sentences. So much for wanting to be an English major I suppose. I have never had this problem before.
Just him. Why, oh why, did it have to be him? Of all people!
I pushed the thought away, not wanting to get into that mindset at the moment.
I pushed open the door to my room and all that greeted me was a high-pitched scream. I did not even have to look up to know that it was Sabrina. She has been so excited for the past month, knowing that we were going to room together on the trip.
Me? I accepted it. She is a nice girl. Maybe a tad loud and eccentric sometimes, but nice.
I chose the bed that was open and laid my belongings upon it, getting ready to go take a shower, since I knew that she would be in the bathroom for at least two hours in the morning. I simply would not have any time tomorrow.
The water was nice and peaceful. It was warmth that was definitely needed to take the stress out of my shoulders and back.
And then on to the comfort of my new bed, snuggling up in the comforter and blankets I laid out earlier. I flipped through the channels on the television, with the background noise of Sabrina talking about this and that and whatever else popped into her mind at the moment. The topic kept coming back to some guy named Zach that she had meant sometime last month. Apparently, she really liked him, but for the life of me, I can not remember what his last name was or even what he looked like.
I was not listening, and she did not care. She just wanted someone there, a presence, so she would not be talking to the walls in the room alone.
I just continued flipping through the channels, looking at the screen but not really seeing what was passing before my eyes. All the while, I was cozy and warm underneath the covers; just like that day so long ago.
With each passing second, my mind was brought back to that day.
I turned over onto my other side so that the television was behind me, and the window in front of my face. I stared out the window into the black abyss beyond, making out the gleaming stars every now and then.
They connected. A monkey. A man. A ring. A halo. A bear. The Big Dipper…. Anything I wanted them to be, there they were, never disappointing.
With each passing second, I plunged deeper into the past.
I could still relive that day, just as if it were yesterday, when in reality, it was about four months ago. It was a chilly winter day. On the way back from school, some people decided to have a snow fight. Unfortunately, these people were my friends, so I was automatically involved.
To be honest, it was a perfect day for a snow fight. The sun was out. There was a light snow coming down from the sky. The snow upon the ground was pack-able. So it turned into a pretty good fight at least, with all parties involved getting extremely soaked.
I was about to head home, to warm up, and put on dry clothes, when a shadow loomed above me. Startled for a second, I looked around to see what it was.
It was him. Again. He stood above me, smiling down upon me. The sun was blocking my view so I squinted to look up until I realized who it was. I stood up straight in order to see better and he just continued to smile.
I smiled back. The locks of his hair were damp, and they glistened in the sunlight as he shook them dry.
“Would you like to go get some hot chocolate? You look extremely cold,“ he said.
“I’d love to,” I replied
I decided to go with him. Why not? School was over and I did not have anything better to do. So we made a five minute journey to his house.
The walked seemed to take longer and longer as neither of us spoke.
It was the feeling that I mostly remember. Once we got to the house, it was mostly a blur. The feeling of having a blanket wrapped around me. Sitting in front of the fire. A cup of hot chocolate in my hand. His arm around me. Holding me tight. Letting the fire warm both of us. The sound of music in the background.
I drifted off to sleep.
I woke up to the sound of an owl in the night. Weird. Who would have thought you would be able to hear an owl in New York City? Especially in the night time. I looked over to see Sabrina fast asleep in the comfort of her own bed. It was odd to look at her and have her be so peaceful and quite. For some reason, I thought she would talk in her sleep too.
I continued to stare out the window until I drifted back to sleep. Back to my dream-world where everything is perfect. Back to a time when everything I wanted seemed to come true.
As my eyes grew heavier and heavier, so did the imagine of his face within my mind. It seemed that no matter where I go, I can not escape it.
I relived the scene in the hallway, the one from the night before.
I bumped into him.
He smiled that gorgeous smile if his.
I was witty and charming.
Flirty and fun.
It was his hopes and dreams on the line.
It was him that relived that snowy winter day.
That feeling was unbearable. Not knowing whether or not he felt the same. Or if I was just infatuated with a guy that had no interest whatsoever. It would not surprise me. I was not perfect, and by any means at all pretty.
But my dreams..
In my dreams, everything was right.
In my dreams, I felt perfect.

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