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Reading Fundamentals

Read a book and you make a friend. How is that possible? Read a book and become a better writer. Why?

The importance of reading is either neglected and or looked upon by many as a chore.  Yet is is a chore that will benefit anyone reading to help build personality.  No one is born with personality.  Life begins with traits that can be enhanced by experiences, so including knowledge received from reading can help cultivate traits. Travel is possible with reading.  It is a different type of visual for it is only in the mind what is read referenced in part to what one knows.  The more information one is privy to, the more vivid words become.  The benefit of being a reader comes two-fold then.  One becomes more informed and a better communicator. Become a better communicator and friendships become more rewarding and you as a friend.  Not only does the adventure of reading help one see more clearly points of views, it also helps one better relate a point of view.  The ability to give sample and example of lives experiences is helped from reading the words of various types of authors and subject matters.  Read a book and you make a friend with yourself by becoming more confident in your speech, presentations and networking with others as well.

Another importance of reading is the strength it will give you to becoming a better writer.  Since reading is associated with mind travel or the ability to see far away places, things and events through reading, it will help give and aid in any perspective when writing about an issue or making a post for instance.  News and other informative data becomes less bias when reading is included in the documentary of speech.  All writers are informed by their experiences and reading helps define what they want to say by using knowledge from researched information that can only be done from reading.  Read a book and you can become a better friend and writer.

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