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Review of Language Lessons for The Elementary Child

Review of "Language Lessons for the Elementary Child: An informal course in the language arts with a Charlotte Mason flavor for elementary students by Sandi Queen"

  I searched high and low for a Language Arts curriculum that my son wouldn’t complain about doing every day.  The program we started out with was boring and tedious, he would beg me not to have to work on it, every day was a battle.   Then, I stumbled across Sandi Queen’s Language Lesson series.  I wish I had found this incredible series sooner.  We started with Language Lessons for the Elementary Child Volume One and it has completely changed the way my son feels about Language Arts. 

   The 180 daily lessons are short, sweet, and to the point following the Charlotte Mason style of teaching.  There is no unnecessary busy work.  The lessons cover just about everything needed for Language Arts:  grammar, letter writing, picture study, creative writing, poetry, and copywork.  I do wish there was more reading comprehension in the workbook, but this was easily solved by having my son choose books on subjects he likes from the library and I ask him questions about what he has read.  Although the lessons are short, they are informative and include just enough practice to solidify new concepts and later to build upon previous concepts. There are Christian themes in the book but are not “preachy,” and are only in a few of the lessons. 

   There isn’t any recommended grade level for each workbook but using the guide on the queen homeschool website it was easy to find the right level for my son.  He loves doing the daily lessons and many times does them on his own without any prodding from me.  His favorite days are the picture study lessons.  The pictures in the workbook are full color, beautiful art reproductions.  Like I said before, I wish I had found the Language Lesson series earlier, but now that I have found it we can stay with this wonderful series all the way through High School.  I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a laid back, simple approach to their Language Arts homeschool curriculum.

Liked it
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