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Role of Puppets in Education

Children are attracted by puppets and therefore puppets can be effectively used to capture their attention. They are an interesting media for telling stories and songs.

In earlier days children could see the puppets only in fairs or in theaters but now-a-days children have become familiar with puppets as puppetry has become quite a popular media.

Advantages of Puppetry for Children

  • It provides them opportunity for verbal expression.
  • Puppets help to develop dramatic expression.
  • It helps to develop appropriate voice modulation.
  • It provides opportunity for children for the development of fine motor skills.
  • It gives them confidence.
  • It provides opportunity for team work.
  • It provides them emotional release.

If children watch a puppet show

  • It stimulates their thinking process and makes learning more interesting.
  • It enhances their power of imagination.
  • It enables children to release their pent-up emotions without inhibition.
  • It provides opportunity for developing their listening skills.

How to use puppets?

  1. Story telling can be made very interesting with the help of different puppets. TO receive the right kind of response from the kids, certain points have to be kept in mind:
  • Kids should sit close to the teacher and the teacher should sit slightly at the higher level.
  • The teacher should make sure that all the kids are able to see the puppet being manipulated by her.
  • The story chosen shouldn’t have more than six-seven characters.
  • The story should not be so long that it bores the children on the other side, it should be not be so short it fails to satisfy the curiosity of children.
  • The voice modulation should be according to the nature of the characters.
  • Only the puppet that is talking or active should be moving at a time.

      2. Singing songs is another activity which can be conducted with the help of puppets. For example, while singing the traditional rhyme,’ Old McDonald had a farm’ the teacher can take help of animal puppet. She should encourage children to manipulate the puppets while singing the song/rhyme.

     3. Puppet shows can be organized on a large scale. Teachers and children who are participating in the puppet show should:

  • select right kind of story, keeping in mind the age group pf the audience. Dramatization of story should be done in a dialogue form.
  • select the kind of puppets to be used for example glove, sock puppets etc.
  • select the characters of the story
  • rehearse their characters properly.

      4. Use of puppet in a conversation between two or more kids is an effective way of making introvert children overcome their shyness. One of the ways of conducting this activity is by calling two children at a time and asking them to carry out a conversation ( by using the puppets). See that all the children get a chance.

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