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School of International Sex Bustling Protest

School sex Ylva Thompson founded criticism from many quarters. Ad intimate scenes that made the school was also strictly forbidden to enter the television Austria. Rejected, because the school was merely selling sex scenes.

Ylva Maria Thompson was the leader of the school. This Swedish-born residents founded a school that teaches how to be good lovers. The cost is quite expensive.

One term of study at an international sex schools cost around Rp20 million £ 1,400 per student. This is the first international school which teaches specifically about the intimate scene.

Ylva asserted that schools accept anyone who has over 16 years old to study at this school.

During the study, students will live romance combined in order to practice homework. “Education is our core is not theoretical, but very practical. Emphasis was on how to become a better lover,” said the principal.

However, the existence of this particular school protested a number of people. Advertising campaign featuring the school has banned sex scenes on television Austria. “Everything is wrapped in something that is very stylish, but basically just selling sex,” said a protester.

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