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School Uniforms: The “Smart” Decision for any School

There are many reasons school uniforms are a great idea for all types of schools. From public to private, from Kindergarten to high school, uniforms can benefit parents, teachers and students alike.

Despite a great deal of controversy, the adoption of uniform policies at any school can benefit the students, teachers and parents. School uniforms may be a very advantageous idea for the following reasons:

Avoiding Unnecessary Decisions

Although choice may be a common concern when it comes to school uniforms, it is also a big problem. Kids with too much choice may have problems deciding which to choose. Their clothing might be too revealing, too tight, et cetera. With school uniforms, these choices need not be made.

Dress Codes

Children can never break a school dress code when wearing a uniform. In fact, with uniforms, dress codes need not be assigned to a school where there is only one outfit. This can also apply to adolescents and teens, which cannot be in trouble for wearing an article of clothing with violence, vulgar, or inappropriate language depicted, for they would be wearing the uniform. This could also help in junior high and high schools, where some children wear baggy clothing to hide substance drugs. When wearing school uniforms, which are most often tighter than these articles of clothing, it would be extremely difficult to hide substances, which could possibly be illegal.

Selection and Affordability

For parents, school uniforms are cheap and easy to find. When children are picky, it can take hours to choose clothing to wear to school. Uniforms also prepare students for the real world, where many careers have assigned uniforms. If students decide they are against school uniforms, they may have trouble keeping a job where uniforms are required.


According to a You Debate forum, uniforms are also a good idea for children with low self-esteem. When others make fun of someone’s clothing, the person’s self-confidence level drops. With school uniforms, everyone has the same clothing, making it virtually impossible for someone to pick on someone else because of apparel. As well, school with uniforms are stressing that individuality depends not on clothing but on personality and other factors.

School Spirit

As stated on Histclo.hispeed, school uniforms promote school spirit. Uniforms make it easier to show that you are a part of that school, and are promoting what they believe in. It also provides children with a sense of belonging. Children moving from one school to the next may feel accepted when they are able to wear the uniform of that school.


A huge factor when it comes to uniforms is when children go on school trips with other schools. For example, if one child had been at one school and moved to another, a second child could follow them, and end up at the wrong place. Identification is very important for school-aged children. This could also apply to times when a student from another school, perhaps dangerous, wanders into a school; someone can identify them as a stranger.

Behavior and Acceptance

Study shows that school uniforms decrease drug use, increase attendance, decrease behavioural problems and even increase academic achievement. As well, according to a poll, two out of three teens agree with the idea of school uniforms, most often because the design of the outfits can often be considered “cool”.

In conclusion, schools across the globe can benefit from school uniforms.

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