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Scientists Discover Tips Existence “Alien”

CALIFORNIA, – Studies conducted in the polar environment astrobiologist managed to find a unique microorganisms.

Living things that could be indicative of “alien”, meaning other life forms known today, is understood as microbes, not intelligent beings like science fiction.

Discovered microorganisms are bacteria that live in Lake Vida. The lake is a unique environment in which energy is possible only from chemical reactions alone. lake covered in a layer of ice over the 3000 years that no allow photosynthesis.

Bacteria found after scientists conducted drilling at Lake Vida during the year 2005 to 2010. Some of the scientists involved in this study are from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Montana State University and the University of Colorado.

Their report, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science this week revealed that there are eight classes of bacteria that live in the Lake Vida. This is an indication that the lake is quite complex.

“When I first saw the bacteria under a microscope, there are many I would imagine. This is the world that I had never imagined before,” said Christian Fritsen, researchers from the Desert Research Institute in Nevada involved in the research.

Lake Vida abiotic conditions are very extreme. Christian Fritsen, scientists from the Desert Research Institute in Nevada involved in the research said the levels of salt in a lake is 6 times higher than normal ocean, temperatures reaching -13 degrees Celsius and has the highest levels of nitrogen oxides compared to all waters on Earth.

“These bacteria can help us determine the origin of life on Earth and also teach us about the search for life elsewhere,” said Peter Doran, scientists from the University of Chicago who led the research, told Reuters on Wednesday (11/28/2012) .

Conditions at Lake Vida also allegedly found in Mars and other planets. This discovery allows scientists to develop a new framework to find an environment that supports life. Perhaps, the “aliens” were actually found later.

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