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Seize Life by the Cahoonies

Where we go in life is determined by the choices we make. We can decide to allow other people’s opinions of us be our reality, or we can take the step to achieve our dreams. Too many people have lived and died without gracing the world with their gifts, falling prey to the “you must have a college education” speech to make it in life.

As mentioned earlier there are different groups that individuals belong to, and parents need to discover what group their child belongs to and guide them toward that path. The blinders need to come off our eyes, the blinders that have given us tunnel vision, and brainwashed us into thinking that university education is the only light at the end of the tunnel. Those in the intellectual group will acquires the degrees at the Universities . “The technical” would hone their skills by attending vocational colleges where they can learn to become world class furniture makers, electricians, blacksmiths, masons,H20 transportation engineers(plumbers), etc. Vocations which are certainly not in short demand. Those in the creative group need to hone their ingrown talent by attending a school for music and performing arts like Julliard where they can major in courses like dance, vocals, a specific instrument or music production. For the athletes they need a sports academy, much likeAspire, a school in Qatar that trains it’s students to be professional athletes, at the same time giving them an education to fall back after their professional careers end. A similar school was portrayed in the Australian team drama SWEAT.

The essential in life is a basic secondary school education, which should be standard for every child , after they’ve crossed that bridge each should discover their path , which only they can tread. They question we should ask ourselves is, what would the world be like if people legendary producer Quincy Jones ,who have brought us some of our most loved songs .Football sensation Cristiano Ronaldo who has lead his Manchester United team to victory several times, and is carving his name in the football hall of fame. Crooner Frank Sinatra a kid from humble beginnings went to seal his name forever in the history of music and has spawned a string of imitators in Harry Connick Jnr, Michael Buble ,movie visionaries Francis Ford Coppola, Ridley Scott ,Alfred Hitchcock,Orson Wells are some of the greatest directors of all time.Quentin Tarantino , whose movie Pulp Fiction is listed as number 7 in imdb top 250 movies of al time, once worked as a video store clerk. What if they had decided to work 9 to 5 jobs, because they felt they had no future without a university degree.

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