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Selecting a Good College

How to Select a good College, what should you do? FIND OUT NOW! The universites are just waiting for you to send them an application!

So you’re thinking what college you should go to? You’re not yet sure which you should attend? Well, this may be a problem solver!

First off, get a list of schools which you can afford. If the schools you have picked are too expensive and they’ll interfere with your wallet, get rid of them. You should have picked 5 – 20 of them.

Next you should find out what you want to study. Out of the schools you have picked, keep only those which have what you want to study. 1 – 15 is what should be left. (If its only one school, then you have already decided what school you wanted, congrats on that.)

After this you should look into what other opportunities these schools have for you. Football, Basketball, cheer-leading, or anything else you’d like to be in at school. 1 – 8 Should be left now.

Now, all you need to do is look into each school and speak with someone from each school. If you feel a bad vibe, get rid of the school. You should have 1 – 5 schools left to pick from now.

Now, put in an application for each school. out of the 5 schools (If you have 5 left.) 3 should accept you into their school, however; now you can decide between the 3 schools you have in front of you.

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