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Students’ Tips for Choosing University Courses

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When a person nears the age of 18 and aims to pursue an unknown career by getting admitted into a university or a college, one of his primary concerns is the course he has to choose. Typically, aspiring students choose courses based on many factors, including their interests as well as the decisions of their parents or financial sponsors. Some students even choose their courses on the availability of assignment writing services. But really, how should an aspiring student choose a course.

Lucy Tobin, a freelance education writer, has compiled for The Guardian a list of tips from current university students across the United Kingdom on how to choose a course.

One of these students is 29-year old Dwayne Fields, who studies psychology and international development at the University of East London, said that an aspirant needs to pick a course and subject that he feels passionate about. Failure to pick such a course could lead an aspirant to find university “long and arduous.” Mr. Fields said aspiring students should not be discouraged by the new fees imposed on their preferred courses. Fields also advised aspiring students to know more about the university he is applying at by listening to what its current students say about it. That would be just like getting to know more about a project by availing of assignment writing tips.

Mr. Fields’ views were mirrored by Eleanor James’, a 19-year old biological sciences student at Reading University. Ms. James said it was her big mistake to apply to universities before she went to see them. As a result, she hated three out of her five choices, thus trimming her options quite a lot. Ms. James advised that aspiring students should visit the university during its open day and ask a list of modules, to see if they could tailor courses to suit them to make it more interesting.

James Taylor, a second–year business student at University of Chester advised aspirants to know about the support available at the end of their degree. These supports may include advice on careers and employability. Knowing about these supports is like knowing whether one could avail of assignment writing services while in the university.

Ali Said, a film student at the University of Roehampton, said that if an aspirant chose a course, he needs to make sure that he really wants to study it. He noted that many students drop out of their course because they are unsure. He advised aspirants to research the course in detail.

Now, if you are one of those aspiring students, make sure you take note of these tips. They could eventually lead you to choose the university course that suits you best.

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