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Summer Learning for Kids

Summer is a great time to make kids love learning. When they learn about their world while having fun, children are more likely to retain information and seek out knowledge in the future.

The last thing most kids want to do during the summer is think about school, but two months of no homework can have a downside.  Kids often return to school in the fall having forgotten much of what they leaned the year before.  In order to encourage kid to retain more knowledge, it is important to keep their minds active all summer long.  Here are five great ways to do that:

Join a Reading Club

Many libraries, schools, and book stores offer incentives for kids who read.  Children can pick whatever literature they are interested in and earn rewards based on the number of hours, pages, or books they complete.

Explore Your Community

Many local organizations host summer learning programs for children, and most of these cost little or nothing at all.  You can look for programs at nature centers, libraries, museums, etc. 

Educational Camps

Summer camp isn’t just about swimming and soccer anymore.  Many camps offer educational programs in everything from web design to theater production to archaeology.  Not only will your child learn new skills at these camps, but they’ll have a great time and make friends as well.

Take a Road Trip

A weekend road trip can do wonders to engage a child’s mind.  Pick a place with some natural or historical significance and turn your mini-vacation into a lesson.  You can visit a famous monument, a local forest, the beach, or anyplace else your child might want to learn more about.  Bring related books, collect souvenirs, etc. to bring learning to life.  Along the way, consider car ride games that challenge language, observation, and counting skills. 

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