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Teaching Children to Spell

How to teach children their second grade spelling lesson.

As a requirement of Glenville State College, I am required to show that students in my second grade class were able to learn from learn from the methods that I used in my second grade class. The process to evaluate my students in my second placement was difficult because I have five students with IEP’s, that require severe modifications for their assignments. The only assignment that is used on a consistent basis in this class is the first ten words of a weekly spelling list; therefore I chose a spelling test to prove that my teaching was beneficial to the learning of my classroom students. I used different methods to help my students achieve the highest possible score they can on the weekly test.

The first step that I used was to assess the prior knowledge of my students by giving each student a pre-test of the spelling words before they even had the opportunity to see, or study the spelling list for the week. I gave the exam orally while the students spelled each word to the best of their ability by writing their answers on blank paper. After grading the pre-test the classroom average was a 60%, a large amount of the students was unable to spell at least three of the spelling words from the exam. After assessing the students I decided that I would have to use many different methods to assist my students in achieving high scores on their post assessment.

The first method I chose was to benefit the students in my classroom that used visual aids to assist their learning. I generated a typed spelling list and provided each of my students with a copy, I had to modify some of my list by enlarging the font due to two of my students having visual problems. After providing each student with a typed spelling list, I orally read each word three times and used each word correctly in a sentence so that my students that use auditory methods could hear each word, so that the new information could be retained. The last step of the

first process was to have each students write the new spelling words. I feel that by having each students complete all three processes I was able to cover numerous different methods of learning for the classroom students. The students in this classroom are required to keep a daily planner of all homework that is assigned, therefore I put the spelling list on the daily plans so that each student would know that they are required to study their study list nightly.

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