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Teaching Practice in Nigeria

The terms “teaching practice”, “practice teaching”, “student teaching” are observed to be used interchangeably.

The terms “teaching practice”, “practice teaching”, “student teaching” are observed to be used interchangeably. They are notable exercises from Nigerian Colleges of Education (NCE) as major core and compulsory exercises. Thus, above term mean the same thing.

        Haines (1960) cited student teaching as the period of time during which a pre-service teacher is assigned to a public school for supervised teaching experience as a part of his college programme.

        Nweke (1990) cited teaching practice as a period of adaptation and adjustment since the environment is which the student teacher finds himself is very unlike the Ivory tower from which he has come without these qualities.

        Teaching practice seems crucial component of teacher education programmes the world over, as a means of providing opportunities under typical school condition in selected co-operating schools for student teachers to acquire experiences in observing, and participating actively in diverse educational activities of teachers in school. When the above definitions are sum up, it will reveals

1.      Making teaching a profession.

2.    Making real experience in forming of experimentation

3.    Two components (specialized education component and professional education).

4.    Involvement more than the student teacher alone.

5.    Realization of all the theories and principles enhancing practice consolidated and internalized.

The period and duration for teaching practice varies from one tertiary institution to another. In some institutions, it a period of four weeks for two sessions, while others may be one term or twelve weeks as Nigerian Colleges of Education (NCE) do it.

During the exercises, the student teachers are posted to both public and private schools. In the school posted to, assignment, the practicing teachers are assigned to classes and given subjects related to their discipline or related areas of study to teach within the period of stay. The teacher trainers visit the schools where the practicing teachers are posted to assess the student teachers within the period of their stay.

The Assessment Procedure of Student Teachers.

The assessment area for performance exercises includes the following:

1.                  Lesson Notes and plan,

2.                Opening procedure

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