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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-education

Co-education has been a topic of debate for quite sometime. Should boys and girls mingle together in school? Or should they be cut off to the opposite sex? This article discusses both the sides of the coin.

This has been an issue of a lot of debate and controversy. A lot of talk has been done on this issue and its going on for quite sometime now.

There definitely are two sides of the coin on this issue. It has left many parents, school administrations, teachers, students and academicians in a heated debate.

Many people think it is a wise choice to send their children to same-sex schools. They believe that kids tend to concentrate better and they perform well academically. They do not have to worry about getting into entanglements with the opposite sex. People believe that their children would be more focused in same-sex schools.

Some students prefer to remain in same-sex schools because they believe that whenever they are with the opposite sex, they are never themselves. They cannot express themselves or crack jokes. They are always conscious in front of the opposite sex. How they dress, what they say, what they do, their gestures, everything is somewhat looked at with an obsession.

And when the concept of co-education is misunderstood, it can be related to issues like teenage pregnancy, losing virginity without marriage etc.

But many other advantages can be linked to co-education. In fact, co-education is the way of the modern world.

How do you expect people to behave like brothers and sisters when they don’t even interact with each other? People in same sex schools turn out to be big perverts later on in life.

It is not necessary for entanglements to happen. Most of the time, it is plain and simple friendship. People who interact with the opposite sex are more confident than the others. And the fact that children tend to be less focused is just a myth. Many students perform extremely well in co-education. Sometimes even better than the students in same-sex schools.

People in same sex schools tend to be more desperate about the opposite sex. They go out of their way to seek attention of the opposite sex. Not only does that make them look idiotic but its also a dirty sight to see desperation for something that is as natural as the opposite sex.

When people control themselves in front of the opposite sex, it teaches them manners and decency. Such qualities are needed in a person’s life.

Teenage pregnancy happens when there are entanglements. Entanglements which do not mean anything. This happens especially when people who have been locked up in the same sex schools suddenly get their freedom. This misuse of freedom may lead to such problems.

On the whole, we can say that co-education is definitely the way to go. Co education is very beneficial for young people. They understand the opposite sex better and the world would have lesser perverts

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