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The Origin of Human Walking Upright

The origin of human Walking Upright.

The team of researchers from the United States, Portugal, and Japan managed to find the origins of why humans walk upright. Their findings were published in the journal Current Biology, published in March 2012.

To reveal it, researchers studied the behavior of modern chimpanzees. Describe chimpanzee ancestors at 6 million years ago which then evolved.

Two studies were done. The first study conducted in the laboratory of Kyoto University in the field, at Bossou forest. Chimpanzees were given the choice of food in the form of seeds and palm seeds coula.

Chimpanzee behavior were monitored in three situations. First, while there are only a palm kernel. Second, when there were only coula seeds and when seeds coula abundant.

Meanwhile, a second study conducted by Oxford Brookes University for 14 months against chimpanzees Bossou forest. Chimpanzees have to compete to get the limited resources.

The results of the first study found that peanut coula seen as more valuable to chimpanzees. Primates are desperately trying to get it.

In the competition to get coula, chimpanzees are increasingly being walked on two legs. This method allows the chimps to move while carrying coula more, even with his mouth.

The second study found that 35 percent of the chimpanzees walking upright. It is also associated with the ability to carry a payload of more food by walking upright.

As reported by Science Daily, Friday (03/23/2012), the activity of bipedal chimpanzee is then triggered the evolution of human beings are created to walk upright.

“Something as simple as carrying activity each day, may, under certain conditions, trigger human walk upright and make us more and more distant ancestors left the other monkeys are then created our nation,” said Brian Richmond of George Washington University, the researchers involved in this research.

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