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The Value of Audio Visual Aids in Teaching

Article submitted by: Baligua Unis
Audio Visual aids in teaching are the sensorial devices which help to enrich the learning experience for a child.

Teaching Aids have great importance in teaching because they provide sensory experiences for the students.

A comprehension passage on a “Food processing plant” becomes clearer for the students when they are able to observe the packaged, processed foods e.g. breakfast cereals,sausages frozen but ready to eat, salami,pepperoni, tinned soups,packet soups, peas and beans, ready made meals, sauces, jams, pickles and chutneys in daily use to know the modern ways of preserving food and the difference it has made to our lives. By actually observing the items of daily use, the students learning is more permanent and they can relate to the topic with enthusiasm.

According to Kinder S. James, “Audio visual aids (instructional materials) are those devices which can be used to make the learning experiences more concrete, more realistic and more dynamic.”

Comenius in the seventeenth century was the first educationist to appreciate the value of attractive class rooms,intelligent books and as advocate of maximum sense appeal, his suggestions introduced the first illustrated text book for children.

Educationists have always believed that learning through rhetoric is impermanent learning.The students will master the art of rote learning yet will be unable to relate class room learning to real life situations.Students are eventually left with gaps in their learning.

  • Audio/Visual aids stimulate a child’s interest towards the learning task by satisfying his curiosity to know.
  • They develop the creativity in a child by stimulating his intellect and imagination.
  • They motivate a child to self study, to work unsupervised.
  • The use of gestures and actions makes a structure easier to recall e.g the act of skating is easier to recall if the word is accompanied by a picture of a figure skating on ice.
  • Pictures, black board drawing, match stick figures, pictures photographs, magazine cut outs can be used to increase the comprehension power of the students.
  •  A/V aids create a contrived situation which is related to the immediate needs and surrounding environment of learners.Using Teaching aids a teacher is able to create a more permanent memory bank in her students.
  • Teaching aids are activity based and effective in real life situations in which students learn in active groups and draw out meaning from the surroundings/text.
  • Communicative Approach believes all the four skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing should be taught as equally important.
  • AVAIDS help in promoting speech and writing in simulated situations. It seeks to develop fluency. It is learner centered. The students will learn to prepare for real life encounters.
  • It is taught by interaction with peers and teachers.
  • Teaching aids manipulate interest for the topic in the students.
  • They are time- saving and energy saving because they explain the idea easily and precisely.
  • The explanation burden of a teacher is reduced if she adopts the use of teaching aids.
  • The teacher improves his own fluency in explanation, Comprehensive Knowledge of a subject when she uses an audio/visual aid.The explanation of a teacher regarding the role of oxygen in combustion is incomplete without the demonstration of a spirit lamp which will extinguish when covered.
  • They create a variety of experiences for the students.
  • Good Teaching is only possible when a teacher creates a natural Environment. Audio – Visual Aids create that environment. A lesson on the anatomy of a frog will be more interesting if a specimen is also shown.
  • They help in concentrating the attention of the students in learning the lesson and clarify his doubts.
  • They stimulate a child’s interest towards the learning task, his imagination is developed with his observation and he is motivated to learn more.
  • They add beauty and color to the class room environment.
  • They provide direct, first hand and vicarious experience about people, places, objects and happenings.
  • They help children with special needs to move fast in their attempt to learn the task.
  • They ensure a healthy class room interaction among students and the teacher.
  • Teaching aids help parents in grooming their children for school.Parenting is a full time chore which can be relieved in playful activity.Watching a toddler learn, formulate stories,build and store anecdotes and construct a vocabulary is an amazing experience.
  • It is obviously not possible for every working parent to take his son out to a farm, show him cows, horses, ducks,ploughed fields but he can indulge his fancy in farm toys and farm books.

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