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The Youngest Mayor in The World

Ripe for re-election: Bobby Tufts (4) wants to be mayor again.

It’s one of those stories, as they probably can be only in America: Bobby Tufts is just four years old – and for a year mayor. His biggest challenge: re-election. As with the Great. But time is running away from him, because he has only three weeks to once again be the leader of Dorset, a small city in the U.S. state of Minnesota.

The Little Bobby Tufts is the mayor of Dorset in the U.S. state of Minnesota

“I want to be mayor again,” he told ABC News, sounding a little defiant as Grisu, the little dragon. His campaign strategy: “I distribute cards.” With photo cards, on which he and his friend Sophie are seeing Bobby Tufts makes in-house advertising.

Among his favorite pastimes as mayor by the way are “licking ice cream, playing with dogs and eat in Dorset Restaurant”. In Dorset, who describes himself as the restaurant capital, there is no formal government. But once a year, there is a lavish summer party, the “Taste of Dorset” festival, on the first Sunday in August. And there, the mayor is elected in a kind of lottery.

Everyone is allowed to participate in the vote and throw as many ballots in the pot as he wants. The only rule: Every vote costs a dollar. A few years ago made it this way, a dog under the nominees. Who will win the mayoral election of Dorset this year, will be decided on 4 August.

Bobby’s mother is impressed by the first term of her son, by the way. “He was pretty good,” Emma said Tufts in the U.S. breakfast show “Good Morning America”.

Tami Fairbanks, a family friend, told “ABC News” that the mayor had ready a special election candy “ice cream for all.” She is convinced that Bobby creates a second term:. “He’s so sweet” Andy Warhol’s theory of the 15 minutes of fame surpasses the four-year-old far: Zig media, including Pulitzer papers such as the “Washington Post”, page by page to work from the “Bobby Tufts phenomenon”.

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