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There are More to be Done in The Classroom

Teaching is not about teach, there are more to it….

In the classroom, no matter what the size of the classroom and the total of the occupants, teaching is not about teacher tell, pupils listen. Nope, and as a teacher, I wish it is that easy. But as human yourself, you know tell and listen is not really working in communication. There are more in the communication beside listener and the talker. 

Pupils in here I refer to elementary school students. They are in their fragile stage and some said this is where the magic can be done. This is the stage that human can easily mould and be shape. But, with a right recipe, not with that two ingredients. So what is the recipe?

Teachers who work long in this field will tell more, but for me, the key for me as a teacher is a lot of patience and believe in my pupils. Kids in this age can be adorable or vice versa. It is easier when they are less talkative and pay attention, and become more easier if they can easily grasp what the teachers are teaching. But too bad, it will not be the case. If in the class there are 20 pupils, then, you will see 20 different faces, attitude, and level of understanding. So then, how to cater all 20 pupils need? And what if there are more than 20 pupils, the task will be hard. 

That’s why before teacher enter the classroom, there are many homework that teacher need to do. It is not only the pupils who has to do homework, teachers, too have to do it. Teachers have to know what is their pupils level of understanding, are they have problem with learning or we call it learning disability. How about their background, how to make they are interested in the learning process and would they able to understand it, because for many teachers, at the end of the day, their pupils success at the assessment that we call as examination, will determine the level of success of that teacher. Imagine, if the teachers have pupils that have learning problems, will they also not consider to be successful?

Then, for learning to be a success, teacher has to come up with many things. They cannot simply copy paste from any materials, because it may not suitable for their pupils. See, how many works that the teachers have to do in order to help their client children become a clever person? Well, the conclusion that I can get from this writing is that teaching is hard, so that’s why for me the key to be successful teacher is to have a lot of patience and trust your pupils. 

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