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Tips for The Hesi Exit Exam That Could Help You Pass

The HESI exit exam is one tha determines whether you graduate from nursing school. After spending a lot of money on tuition, books and basically trying to make ends meet while in nursing school, being held back by this one exam can be disheartening. Here are a few tips that may help you get a good score on the HESI.

First of all, you need to buy the HESI book because most of the questions if not all of them can be answered by that book. It’s called the HESI comprehensive nclex review i believe.Read the book from cover to cover and then turn your attention to the CD in the back of the book. Do all the questions on the CD and read the rationales.

Next, even though most of the answers for the HESI can be found in the HESI book, you need to get a review book like the Saunders book or the Prentice hall book. A review book can help you find information on places where you are weak pretty quickly and in a very concise fashion. That is, if you are weak on maternity medications, you can go to a review book and read up maternity medication under thirty minutes and know the information like the back of your hand.

Now, the HESI exam has a lot of medical surgical nursing type questions so i believe those aren’t weighted as much as the other questions like the math questions. So, it is a good idea to practice different types of nursing calculations right before the exam so they are fresh on your mind. Do IV medications, pediatric medication, drip rates and as many other calculations as you can find. The Saunders or Prentice hall book should have chapters on calculations, if not, find a nursing calculation book and do lots of problems. If you get all the math questions right, your chances of getting the passing score increases.

Another tip i have is on the management questions. Management questions would include, delegation, prioritization and professional issues. You can get materials that will help you figure out these questions from the first chapter of your HESI book or any review book, like the saunders or prentice hall book. The saunders book has a good chapter on delegation. It tells you what the unlicensed assistive personnel can do, what the licensed practical nurse can do and what the registered nurse absolutely has to do. Prioritization questions are based on the severity of a clients condition, time frame and client requirements like teaching or discharge instructions amongst other things. These questions are not many so they probably have a lot of points. Now if you get a lot of these right, you accumulate points that could help you pass.

Also be aware of questions on culture. Read your fundamentals of nursing text book and be familiar with certain practices of some cultures and what the nurse should do when in contact with such cultural practices. Professional issues includes things like hippa, medication orders , legal issues and dealing with your colleagues . All of these are good to know.

Finally, you need to know all the other stuff, medical surgical nursing, psych,community health nursing and everything else that will be on the exam. I hope that if you are able to read the HESI book, you will be fine with the above subjects and if you have an idea of all the other things like the math and delegation that you will do well on the HESI. Its not such a bad exam if you are prepared and know what the question is asking so take a deep breath, relax and if you have prepared as best as you can , you should be fine. Hope this article helps and i wish you good luck.

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  1. faye

    On September 6, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    The City Colleges of Chicago Kennedy-King to be specific is using the HESI in a way it was not designed for.

  2. it2rn2010

    On August 23, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    Wow! I can’t believe schools are doing this. I agree .. this is so so wrong. I just recently graduated from a community college. Our Hesi score only counted as 10% of our grade. I did get a very high score .. over 1100 it equated to 95%. I did use the Hesi book and cd to briefly study. Honestly, I think what helped is that our school requires us to do 100 NCLEX 4000 questions every week with an average of 85% or better. By the time you graduate you have answered close to 10,000 NCLEX questions. I take boards on Aug. 25th. Two of my classmates that I know who took boards passed with 75 questions. The NCLEX 4000 cd is a really good cd which enables you to select questions by category and take as little as 10 at a time or all 4000 at one time. You can do it in test mode or study mode. I know its hard to squeeze in one more study tool if you don’t have to, but this cd will help, both with Hesi and boards.

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