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Why Do Students Misbehave?

Report for my English class. INTRO ONLY.
The entire report outlines why students misbehave, and suggest possible solutions an educator can use.


Why do students misbehave? It seems that no matter where you are, be it a high school, middle school, or even elementary school, there are numerous students who seem to insist on misbehaving. The question that wracks every educators mind is, “why?”. The following research report goes into deep analysis of student behaviour, as well as suggest a few solutions to issues.

The first step in any improvement is to identify the root of the problem. There are so many things that can influence such behaviour. However, it would be far too easy to simply blame it on peer pressure or media. Take a deeper look into the adolescent mind, and you will understand what things can really influence a mind that is still developing. There are many types of misbehaviour, the following report separates it into four specific categories, and suggests possible solutions for such behaviour.

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