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Why Do We Need to Read

The importance of reading.

Reading is very important as it keeps us informed of things going around the world. Many people don’t like reading. They rarely go to libraries or if they have a book/newspaper in hand, they just check on the title and flip through some pages that’s all. I personally like reading. When I was a small girl, mum used to bring me to the library every week. She always told me this:

If you want to be knowledgeable then you have to read girl”.

She was right; reading helps a great deal. In my life time I have met many people of different background and nationalities who don’t like reading. It’s not that they don’t have time or are illiterate but they simply don’t like reading. According to them reading is more important than watching documentaries. “it’s the same information” they say. Reading is boring. They prefer a little chat here and there, going out with friends or play games. well this doesn’t mean that we have to confine ourselves in our room and read from morning till night. Other activities mentioned are very important but adding a bit of reading to the list is as important as well for our knowledge.

There are millions of books out there which make reading accessible to adult as well as children. Even when we cannot always afford to buy books, libraries are available to give us the opporttunity to borrow them.

Readers have the flexibility of choice to suit their needs from educational, fiction, science, psychology, teaching, humanity, politics, creativity… the list is infinite.No subject is really left aside.

What does reading do.

Through reading we acquire knowledge and we discover things so far unknown to us. Besides it also enriches the vocabulary. It allows us to think and analyse, to appreciate and to interprete. 

Reading has and continues to do good to me personally. I learn many things and have been involved in discussions/debates where I was able to share my knowledge through what I read.

Reading is sharing

In books authors uncovers everything to readers, their secrets and their passion. They write about their appreciation of a particular person, a place they visited or a good/bad experience they encountered in the course of life. They debate on a political/financial issue and allow the readers to ask question and to comment on it.

They unveil the unknown to others about past mysteries, ancient civilisation, new discoveries and latest technologies taking place and a lot more.

Authors tell amazing stories and make us dream. They encourage readers on particular areas in their lives and guide them through specific topics which give new ideas on further steps to undertake in order to improve life.

Reading is self teaching.

Reading is also a way to teach ourselves. Its an alternative way for those who may be couldn” t attend school. It is self learning; a way to educate oneself.

I have spoken to many people whom I thought hold degrees on subjects they discussed with me because they were so passionate while talking but later on I disovered that they themselves learned through a lot of readings.

It’s a way to prove that education is not attained only within four walls behind the desk in fron t of a teacher.

Saying that does not mean that I’m against school. Not at all but it confirms that we as human beings have the ability to read, understand and acquire knowledge without the teacher. It’s a kind of independence.

Another amazing thing about reading is that you are sometimes carried away by situations and characters in the book. You either hate them or love them according to their role in the story. 

I have written this piece of article on reading to express my concern and feeling about reading. It’s so good to read. I’m at the moment reading “The asault on reason” by Al Gore.

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  1. kesiny

    On June 16, 2009 at 3:46 am

    Reading is self-teaching..this is so true..i too personally love to read like almost anything!!

  2. Jezelle Joy D. Pineda

    On November 8, 2009 at 11:09 am

    tHAnks for the info.

  3. fokhruddin

    On June 17, 2010 at 1:37 am

    thank you very much…i sometimes wonder why do we actually need to read?…your answers are just like what i could anticipate but could not say in words so beautifully…it’s helped a lot for my presentation on reading in my college ….thank you again…by the way,i’m from Dhaka,Bangladesh.

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