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Church: African Americans

Submissive Women.

Women in general has and will always be submissive subjects, with churches in America and other nations. Why? Just visit your scriptures and notice that this controls women like slavery. Within, many churches and especially African American churches women are mainly attacked for their dress apparel.

Women just can’t win the wear apparel battle. If you wear a dress it either must be pass your knees or close to your ankles. If you dare wear pants. To some male ministers and femle religious zealots. You against the norm. Oh, forget if the holly spirit should comes and you pass out. Or fake the feelings, as some do in churches. You against the logic of common sense.

Rules governing the written sixty-sixty bibilical books by men operates highly today. Oh, you be amazed that within many religious relationship the high rate of marital violence. In many ways churches covers it up. Until the exposure is to deep to high from the congregation. the African American churches miror the Catholic churches in terms of leadrship ability. Within black churches , you’ll find pastors involved in scandals of lus, financial mismanagement they rather fight approve charges instead of stepping down.

Which brings shame to the church. If you’re listen to a sermon many times you’ll find the female evangelist shooting off her views. And it more likely seems like keeping ladies in bondage. In many churches in general women can lead women auxalliries, which falls under male pastors guidelines. If you thought old rules has faded from the days of the old and new testaments concerning females. You mainly be wrong.

Research many religious organizations and check the minority percentage of ladies sitting in high positions in churches. Truth be told many ladies are better ministry leaders than men. Except, held back, if they truly get more poular then

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