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Contemporary Examples of Cultural Diversity Issues

A big part of cultural diversity is how people interpret what someone else is communicating.

Unless there is a training such as the type that enhances an officer’s skills with communication, it is difficult to ensue an officer will understand what a fretful person is saying to them especially if the person is from a gang. Gang types have criminal minds and are involved in so many crimes that they are terrorized when caught because it means death on the street for them. Gang members go to jail for one another depending where the power is needed for violent acts and drug trafficking.

The other part of cultural diversity is within the police themselves. One officer may believe differently then another causing problems sin communication and mistrust.  One officer’s language skills may be different and his belief systems may be different also. Depending on the training the officers receive will depend on whom the team will get along together fighting crime within society.  Cultural diversity within a police force could be a problem that will affect a community’s safety. There should always be proper supervisors along with solid education regarding cultural diversity within any police unit.  Education should be updated along with trainings, which are performed on a regular basis.

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