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Dear George Zimmerman

My personal letter to George Zimmerman.

“George Zimmerman”,



I can remember “experiencing racism” as far back as 10 years old. At the age of 10 i was not mentally able to even begin to explain the feeling of emptiness I got as a young black child walking home from one of the neighborhood liquor stores and watching an older Caucasian woman walk her daughter from one side of the street across to the the other side only to cross back just feet from the convenient store i had just walked out of. Of course this wasn’t the last time i would experience racism, this was the event that would spark the discussion all “black parents” must have with there “black children”. My mother and Father had to explain to the most precious thing in the world to them that groups of people around the world both feared and/or hated him because of his skin color and his culture. This is not an optional conversation, this conversation is very much essential when raising young black children who are experiencing racism and bigotry, because if he/she has not experienced this yet he/she will in time. To put into perspective what it feels like to be hated because of the color of your skin and your culture, it is best described as unknowingly being a member of a violent and hated street gang with enemies all over the world, in positions of power, in your place of worship and in your educational institution. Another place you notice racism quite often is in the workplace, specifically in retail. I can recall many situations where a customer would walk up to me and a Caucasian coworker while we were discussing sale tactics and store experiences, overlooking me who was in fact the certified employee of that department. When i say overlooking me, i literally mean walking passed me to ask the Caucasian male employee a question who would only end up passing the customer off to me, the certified employee if that department. I can remember about 20 situations dealing with racism that have shaped who i am today. Weird looks when i walk into certain restaurants, police pulling you over just to see if you have the essentials to legally operate a vehicle and the worst, being pulled over because you match the description of a black male that just shot/stabbed or robbed someone.             Racism directed at black people is something that we as African Americans cannot simply ignore, we also cannot stop it any time in the near future. “Racism” is on T.V, the “radio”, art, “music”, “fashion”, “magizines”, “newspaper”, its every where a message can be given. As a black man i was taught that some things we do as black men give the wrong message to members of various other ethnicity’s such as wearing hooded sweatshirts at night or any other time it is not raining and leaving your residence with your shirt off if your an adult, just to name a couple. I know certain things look a bit questionable to everybody no matter the color of the human being, but lets be honest, your reason for killing a young black man was just partly because of that hooded sweatshirt. You were intimidated by a young black child right? Hes black so he might have a gun, and boy can those black fellas fight right? As an adult your job should you choose to take it or not is to make an impression on the youth, which means you are literally helping shape our countries future. Think about it, everything you do whether you go to the mall or to the movies you are making an impression on someone and about 65% of the impression-ed individuals are younger than the impression-er, you let a child effortlessly intimidate you. Imagine how intimidated that young black child was to even be confronted by you, a big strong male adult whose soul thought was to make sure this young black kid doesn’t do anything “Black”, like steal, sell drugs, drink alcohol, fight or”hang out” for too long in one place. Am i right? Its not like members of other ethnicity’s don’t do these things but to you he would potentially be doing one or more of these things while black. That makes all the difference for “racist individuals” like you, yea he’s doing this/that but what color is he? This is one of the many wooden planks used to build the foundation of racism in America.
             I find it to be illogical that my people only band together in situations like this when millions of scuttle get together should have taken place in l.a, new Orleans, Chicago, northern California and Mississippi years ago. I guess if your used to certain things it sometimes seems tedious to raise so much as an eye browel when they happen, the same could be said about the current president “Borack Obama”. Me along with millions of other black people across the world doubted he would ever make a step into the “White house”, after all hes black, “America” would never let a black man run our country. I watched his entire journey in complete shock as he did things i had been made to feel i could never do with any amount of work, I’m willing to bet you didn’t vote for him or support any laws hes since passed. All you have done was remind us how much we have not progressed as a country, and how deep the drug of hate still courses threw the blood of America. Of course i wrote this letter to you assuming you will be acquitted of all charges or given a small sentence, unfortunately that’s the amount of faith i have in this country. If you are given the hefty sentence you deserve this letter will still be here, on google when you type in your name you’ll find thousands of  people without a worry in the world asking the actual reasoning behind your actions because they just don’t believe someone can be that ignorant, that hate-full or that much of a cowered. I just want you to know that i know.

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