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Is Black History Month Necessary?

Is Black History Month necessary? It seems that we should be celebrating history no matter what. But with the history of this country being so sketchy it is makes sense to have months dedicated to certain races.

In America, we have come to know February as Black History Month. Throughout this month we celebrate the contributions of African-Americans. Our children learn about important figures in school, we see commercials, award ceremonies and other special tributes. Though in spirit this month was created with good intentions but what message are we sending our children and each other? Are we satisfied with categorizing history within history? And is this just more separation in a nation that supposedly is united?

We all know that this is a white heterosexual Christian nation, and if you didn’t know I’m letting you know now. Speaking of history, if we look back in history we can visible see that this country has been dominated by a white male population. That is history, and it is part of black history because it is relevant to what blacks have to go through in this country. Though black history month was invented by a black man, it still signifies the need to stand out in a very segregated country.

In a sense I guess that answers the question, do we need to celebrate the history of black people? Even though we can’t separate the history between any races it is all intertwined, interconnected. But what unfortunately gets lost is the fact that all races have contributed to the success, progress and stagnation of this nation. So it is necessary to remind those who were around and educate children about what has been done in the past on all sides. Another sad fact is that our history books still paint a very untrue picture, and this is a part of history that remains in the present.

Humans have had an uncanny ability to tell a story from their own point of view and leave out some important details at times. But then again there are deliberate attempts to cover up, destroy and try to erase what has happened. It happens in politics, religion, education and this list goes on. In this country, we have always had to do things in spite of. For example, Don’t ask, Don’t tell, anti-discrimination laws, and the invention of months dedicated to celebrating minorities contributions to society. Do we need Black History Month and other months dedicated to minorities? I will sum it up by saying we don’t have a month for Caucasians.

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