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Jay Sean, One of the First People American-born Indians Look Up To?

This explains why Indians look up to breakout singer Jay Sean.

Jay Sean was born as the usual Indian kid. Good grades, good lifestyle, average family, and going to grow up to become the usual doctor, lawyer, or engineer. However no one predicted him to be one of the most popular breakout singer, with his American debut single “Down” featuring Cash Money Entertainment labelmate Lil’ Wayne.

Now there are many Indian kids who are trying to break out of the stereotypical “loser and geek” lifestyles who want to become singers, dancers, or the jobs that their parents don’t want them to do. One of my close friends has explained that he wants to be like Jay Sean and wants to stop studying and instead lift weights and get ripped. Honestly I have seen that of many kids in school, the popular kids tend not to be Indian. Why? Because they are more focused on getting good grades. However, with more talented people like Jay Sean rising up, Indians will be able to secure mre “popular” roles in the world.

*NOTE – If this article sounds racist, I am sorry, but these were the types of feelings that some of my Indian friends have told me about and I want people to realize how they feel about it.

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  1. Blah

    On December 27, 2009 at 1:10 am

    LOL @ Indians \”looking up\” to Jay Sean… right. I agree with the basic gist of the article though. I think he paves the way for Asians becoming more mainstream and accepted and \”popular.\”

  2. James

    On September 2, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    You make it seem as if being intelligent and studios is a bad thing? If that’s the case, say good bye to the “non-mainstream” individuals who practically established society (technology, ideologies, economic systems, political systems, medicine, ethics, engineering, architecture [forget all those houses, bridges, extravagent apartments which pop-singers use for their music videos], electronics etc.). You know, in fact, forget about the very technology used by this “pop-stars” to make them popular.

    Give me a break. Should a human actually inspire to be EITHER smart and studios OR fit? My best friend, a Bengali, is an incredible boxer, incredibly charismatic and popular, and has amongst the highest grades. As for me, I’m pretty fit, not as fit, however, I do alright when it comes to social skills. I agree that interpersonnel skills are crucial, however, to somehow associate their absence with academic ability is completely false.

    Those “Indians” who fit into the stereotypical model don’t have poor social skills because of their intelligence, they have poor social skills because of their LACK OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE or ability to EXPRESS THEMSELVES. This is entirely the fault of South Asian culture which tends to cause the youth to become overly submissive (”do not talk in the midst of uncles and aunties” and “do not express your opinions when all the uncles are blabbering about retarded politics!”).

    Look into society, some of the most successful people aren’t one dimensional fools who either have intelligence, or looks + retardation. You’ll find individuals who are intelligent, academically successful, with excellent social skills. Deepak Chopra is an Indian, highly successful, has utilized his extensive knowledge to help millions around the world, and uncover knowledge in regards to USEFUL fields which help humans PROGRESS, and is also highly well known.

    And the popular kids tend not to get that far in life. Why? Because while the nerds were busy preparing for life, they were busy partying and swimming in entertainment.

    Sorry if I sound harsh, but I’ve had enough of this BS conformist mentality. Being popular on what basis? For arrogance? For stupidity? For superficial traits? No thanks. Being popular for: charisma (charm) and intelligence, being positive, being exciting, being a leader, being funny, and having excellent social skills? Yes, of course.

    Give some value to all those “loser and geek” lifestyles which are far more necessary and significant than entertainment based jobs. Sure, we all need our entertainment, however, notice that things like medicine has always had an importance for society. Things like “entertainment” have no consistency whatsoever, 60 years from now the newer generations will think “music in those days was so crappy!”

    People constantly forget, the fathers of music were amongst the most brilliant people. Jay Sean is also pretty intelligent, a trait which is responsible for clever lyrics.


  3. James

    On September 2, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    Correction: studious

    and on a side note:

    Most of those individuals are really just being sucked into a culture of materialism and consumerism. A culture in which people really can’t think for themselves – contrary to what they think “I’m rebelling against my parents,” yes you are, and why? “Because I’m thinking for myself by trying to be like those cool popular people who I think are better than me and to be like what they say is cool!”

    Really? You’re thinking for yourself?

  4. la la

    On October 4, 2010 at 6:16 am

    He’s not American born. He’s British. Get your facts right.

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