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Taino Native Americans in Jamaica

Tainos in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands, and Native Americans in the United States of America were some of the first people to settle in North America.

When the Spanish went to Jamaica, they brought disease that killed the Tainos. They also enslaved the native people, resulting in more deaths. Some Taino mothers and children committed suicide when faced with the brutality of the Spanish invaders.

Taino sites in Jamaica are an important part of the culture and history of the Jamaican people. These sites are preserved under the heritage acts of the country.

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Some Taino sites are located in Bluefields, Westmoreland. Bluefield is a popular tourist destination in Jamaica, as well as an established heritage site. The popularity of Bluefields as a tourist destination is due as much to the beauty of the natural environment as the wide range of heritage sites in the area, where local and foreign visitors can learn more about the history of Jamaica.

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A Taino midden was discovered in Bluefields in 2007. Members of the community at Bluefields assisted visiting archaeologists at the site and many artifacts were found. Tainos lived in the island of Jamaica from as early as 1200 AD.

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Jamaica’s first ornithologist lived in the Great House at Bluefields. Great Houses in Jamaica are located at the historical sites of plantations in the country. These explanations no longer exist but the Great Houses are still standing. Many are of interest because of the architectural style they are built in. Some, such as the Rose Hall Great House, contain period furnishings as well.

An early colonial-era blacksmiths shop was also found in Bluefields, Westmoreland.

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