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The Last of The Mohicans

A description and analysis of the movie "The Last of the Mohicans"

The Last of the Mohicans shows Michael Mann’s portrayal of three different groups of people during the French and Indian War. The three main groups portrayed in the film were the American Colonists, the Native Americans, and the British military. All three were seen in a very stereotypical way. This factor helped explain many of the people’s motives and why different events during the Seven Years War occurred. Michael Mann’s interpretation of James Fennimore Cooper’s The Last of the Mohicans is very accurate with slight exaggeration to bring excitement and thrill to the film.

            The Native Americans in the film are found to be the stereotypical Native American. Michael Mann shows them to be the typical image of a Native American with the feathers, stained faces, and typical clothing. The Huron Indians wore the feathers placed in their hair pieces, but did not paint their faces. Some of the clothing worn by the Huron Indians were made of leather and showed very intricate designs on them. Also, the Native Americans are shown to be less intelligent than the American colonists or the British military. When fighting, the Native Americans are also interpreted as being barbaric and less civilized. This portrayal may cause us to believe that the Native Americans did not have intelligent, complex opinions and were simply told who to fight for and who to kill. As we know this is not true, and the Huron Tribes fought against the British military because of the British’s alliance with the Iroquois Indians. The British helped the Iroquois and therefore they became alliances. This caused the Huron and British to become natural enemies. Due to this, they are seen as bad people in the movie, which is showing more of a point of view from the British and colonists’ side.

            The American colonists in the movie are seen as very peaceful and easy going people, when in reality had the fire in their hearts to not only win the Seven Years War, but about fifteen years later defeat the strongest power in the world, the British. The American colonists are viewed as good people. They are peaceful and do not fight too often in the film. They go along with the British, but do not want to fight, which is causing the rapid growth towards despising the British Government, leading to the American Revolution. The motives of the American colonists are caused by the method in which the British governments attempt to handle the feuds between the French and themselves. The colonists do whatever they can to get out of fighting and work away from the tyranny that is the British Government.

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