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The World Around Us

I published this item a bit ago and have added to it now so re-publishing it is worth it for me.

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It is important that we stop the decline and pillage of natural habitat in and around our country and the world, it would appear it is only for the need for agricultural and living space for the human, not to help or increase the life of our Eco system by supporting the natural wild life.We must stop and take stock yes the governments make funds available to help increase grass lands but how many check were the funds have gone and how they are being used, responsible farming is important and a must in our world. Lets put a couple of questions.

1) why is there grass lands

2) why is it important to keep the natural environment safe

3) why do we need insects like the bee

All of these questions can be answered by one point, we will all dye if we push the natural order of things too far, we are stopping nature in its tracks and the Bee is the best warning of this happening, take the natural environment such as grass with flowers and natural meadows, i know it is pasture and feed for our food chain but so is the wild areas of the world, No the truth is it is money that can be generated by the developing agency’s which would be better served listening to the farmers who need to make a living but need to manage the land they have not grow to get richer.

We are not listening to the warnings that, if the honey bee goes so does the insect life by natural fall, look if you take away one insect then the other ones who depend on that one will also dye off point made it is called a chain reaction, this could be in place now so stop and think before it is two late a small area for the bee is better than none and help to develop is better than none, honey is as old as time so lets not end the supply of natural life given to us to use not throw away.

KittyK has opened up this conversation so lets follow on with information that in hope will be read by others and passed on to push the right people in the right direction. I feel this is very important to give back what we take the Native Americans always stick to a rhythm of life only take for food not to abuse and we would learn from them and other free people how to use nature, (I quote from words of wisdom by Native Americans) this by Black Elk of the Sioux nation

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