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Why Black Women are Reluctant to Date White Men

The image of the black woman-white man couple is still somewhat taboo. Why is this?

Many black women have been faced with the option to date a white guy at some point in their lives but many have resisted the temptation and avoided entering into an interracial relationship. Why is this? There are several factors that have contributed to this reluctance to date Caucasian men but do they really offer valid enough reasons to avoid the white man? As black females we are more than aware of the black man’s interest in white women, yet for many of us dating a white man is out of the question. 

One factor points to the history between the races.  Slavery was an ugly and unfortunate reality that both races are still dealing with today and for many black women there is a sense of betrayal that is associated with dating a white man.  We are aware of the many women who were raped and forced to mother the children of their slave masters and the indignity of being the property of a man that would molest and use them in this way.  Perhaps those scars are still too fresh and there is a distrust that is associated with a white man who shows interest in a black woman. Is he looking at her with true admiration and interest or is it with a predatory motive? For many black women this is still a burning question that pops up at the thought of being with a white man. 

Another factor is undoubtedly that of body image and cultural preferences concerning such.  It is no secret that blacks generally tend to like their women more curvaceous while whites seem to like a thinner female frame.  For the black woman who values her thick thighs and round behind, the thought of having a man from a culture that appears to dislike these attributes is a scary one with the possibility of rejection and we know that all women from all cultures have a healthy fear of rejection.

Yet another hindrance to interracial love may be the black man himself.  Although they are known for dating outside of their race, they tend to look down on and sometimes even scorn black women who date white men.  Not saying that all black men are guilty of this but quite a number of them do voice their disapproval in this area. Coupled with the fact that most black women are genuinely more attracted to black men and you have a major source of reluctance to date outside their race.

And finally there is the issue of penis size.  We could try to pretend that it is not a factor but we would be lying to ourselves.  It is no secret that the black man has a reputation for being very well endowed and that many white men have been portrayed to be less endowed.  Whether or not this is true statistically does not really matter when it has been accepted as truth by both whites and blacks. It is somewhat expected and accepted that a white man will have less to offer in this area providing yet another excuse for black women to avoid them.

You may disagree with some or even all of the reasons listed as to why more black women are not dating white men, but considering the fact that many black men do date white women you cannot deny that the image of the black woman-white man couple is still somewhat taboo to some people and that we still have a ways to go as black women before we can truly be comfortable engaging in a relationship with a fully white man.

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