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Are You Destined to Be Rich?

You don’t have to slog your guts out or play the Lottery every week to get rich. Some people are destined to be loaded anyway. Join us on the mystical money tour and discover whether you’re one of them.

Cosmic Cash

Your star-sign has much to do with your ability to accumulate money. Read on…

* How likely you are to get rich can depend on your star sign. The people most likely to get rich are Leos, Taureans, Sagittarians and Virgoans. These signs are closely followed (in this order) by Aries, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. The least likely sign to accumulate great wealth is Pisces (unless you’re Elizabeth Taylor or Drew Barrymore that is – both Pisceans and both rather loaded).

* If you’re a Leo, you’re the sign who gets richest quickest.

* Cancerians are destined to get rich through their own efforts and shrewdness.

* If you were born when Jupiter was in Taurus, great wealth will be yours. Jupiter was in Taurus from 12.4.64 until 22.4.65. It moved through the sign again from 26.3.76 to 22.8.76 and, again, from 17.10.76 to 3.4.77. It returned to Taurus on 9.3.88 until 21.7.88 and again from 1.12.88 until 10.3.89 (although this won’t bear much relevance to more! readers). Its next visit to the sign will be on the 28.6.99, where it’ll stay until 22.10.99, then later from the 15.2.2000 until the 29.6.2000, so maybe if you’ve not been born lucky, one of your kids might be!

Dream (Cash) Machine

Your dreams can foretell your fortune. For example…

* If you dream of being very rich (especially on a regular basis), chances are that you really will be one day!

* If you dream of losing money, it means you’ll come into some soon. And in the same way, if you dream of finding money, it’s highly likely that you’re about to lose some.

* Dreaming of climbing is a sure sign that money is coming your way.

* Excrement or manure in your dream refers to money matters and suggest that you’ll soon receive lots.

* Any kind of horn (from the musical sort to the type a bull might sport) indicates impending money luck.

* If something in your dream increases in size, it indicates an increase in your personal fortune.

A Nice Cup Of Cash

You can find out if you’re destined to come into cash by reading tea-leaves. Here’s how to do it…

* Use loose tea, a teapot with a wide spout and a white china cup and saucer.

* Pour the tea, then drink it until there is roughly half a teaspoon of tea left in the bottom of the cup.

* Hold the cup by the handle in the left hand and swirl the tea around quickly three times in an anti-clockwise direction.

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